Trick Art Museum

Trick Art Museum
Trick Art Museum for me is what completed my adventure in Boracay. It’s amazing and wished I can bring my nephews and nieces there.
Before I travel to Boracay, I searched online what we can do here aside from water activities,
and I didn’t know of this museum. Even after we arrived in Boracay, this is unknown for me and my friends.
The first painting you’ll see when you enter the museum
3D Painting version of the famous “Scream”
And we were told that we can visit the museum for free (included in the package), I was not really
looking forward to it. I thought it’s just a simple museum that no one visits that’s why it’s free.

The museum is located inside the Happy Dreamland Theme Park and can be seen
on the way to the Sky Cycle.  Looking from the outside, it’s really not interesting, just like an ordinary house.

After we ride the Sky Cycle, we headed to the museum, it’s free anyway.
Outside the  museum is this statue with illusion of being buried and only
the head and one arm are showing, that caught my interest.


Trick Art Museum is a 2-storey building that houses a lot of 3D
paintings that provide bigger than life optical illusions. This is a local
version of the Trick Art Museums in Korea and Japan.

I was really amazed in thinking how tedious it would be

in planning and painting these. The museum lets people be

familiarized with art and at a very creative way at that.

When we entered, I was really confused

because in my mind, this museum houses antique

materials used for magic tricks. And I thought what are we gonna do with this paintings.


After a couple of second observing, we learned that

it’s not that confusing. There are posted pictures beside

the painting showing how the trick should be done. You can

also be creative and find your own illusion.

One hour is not enough to explore and do all the tricks

with the paintings. We spent an hour and a half and that’s

with the chosen paintings only. We haven’t tried all the

tricks in all the paintings, only the interesting ones.

Don’t just stopped at the ground floor, because there
are more paintings on the 2nd floor. On the wall going
to the 2nd floor are paintings of cartoon superheroes
and other movie-theme paintings.

Movie theme paintings at the wall going to 2nd floor of the museum

There’s one painting of Manny Pacquaio coming out of a flat screen TV

with his right punch. And there are aprons and paper bags with different

designs that you can use to create an illusion.


These amazing 3D Paintings were mostly done by Filipinos.

The paintings are realistic they will really astound you. I wished we

had more time when we visited, but we had to go to watch the sunset at Station 1.

 Trick Art Museum is located inside the Happy Dreamland Theme Park.
The park is open from 12:00 noon to 9:00pm from Monday to Friday. From
10:00am to 10:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 9:00pm on Sundays.
Entrance fee is Php180.00 inclusive of a visit to the Trick Art Museum Bird Farm
and a ride in Sky Cycle. Some packages includes these activities for free, make sure
to haggle!Address: Brgy. Pinaungon, Balabag, Boracay Island



Murray Fredericks Captures the Starry Skies and Vast Landscapes of Greenland




Australian photographer Murray Fredericks isn’t afraid to venture into the vast unknown, often for long periods of time and in challenging environments. In his youth he spent significant time in the Himalayas and the deserts of the Middle East – wilderness that provided him with a basis for his approach as a photographer. In one of his latest series titled Topophilia, he traveled to Greenland six different times with his camping gear, large camera and supplies to access far out places. In this series, he sought to convey “an emotional experience of space.” [Read more…]


I Bring Ceramics To Life By Adding Fingers And Mouths To Them

I Bring Ceramics To Life By Adding Fingers And Mouths To Them


click below for more

I Bring Ceramics To Life By Adding Fingers And Mouths To Them

My name is Ronit Baranga and I am a sculptor. In the following series of works, I sculpted human mouths and fingers emerging from tableware. The blurred border between the living and the still in these works is intriguing. It is…

Sculptures of wood Lee Jae-Hyo


Source: link

Lee Jae-Hyo famous Korean artist and sculptor. He was born in 1965 in Hapchen, Korea. Lee works primarily with wood, steel and stone, creating a sculpture with textures to which it’s tempting to touch.



Golden Gate Hike-13

And then it happened. I hit the perfect angle to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge, at the perfect lighting for the day. As the sun lowered, it focused all of its energy on the Golden Gate Bridge, and the bridge basque in the glow of the low setting sun. Everything was perfect.JEFFSETTER.COM  Jeff and Amanda


Freezing ride\
Row Up. March 21Photograph by Maqsood Bhat, National Geographic Your Shot


More snow. Or as those of us who are in D.C. for cherry blossom season might imagine—a flurry of petals. For me though, the storybook quality of the boatman oaring up to this small shop in the backwaters of Dal Lake in India trumps seasonal fatigue.

Fantastic Ice Sculpture Scenes Carved by Alaskan Couple


Fantastic Ice Sculpture Scenes Carved by Alaskan Couple

Steve and Heather Brice are a husband-and-wife team that creates amazingly detailed — and often award-winning — ice sculptures. Their work has been showcased in museums, the Word Ice Art Championships and in their own year-round gallery. The artists, both Alaska born and based in Fairbanks, met through an ice-carving project for a Catholic school.  Heather, with a college degree in sculpture, wanted to try ice as a medium, and she offered her assistance to Steve — already a self-taught, award-winning ice sculptor.”Steve let me carve the Madonna hands on a piece at the local Catholic school, and I was hooked,” Heather says on their company’s website. “I called Steve persistently to ask to be on his four-man team at the World Championships in Fairbanks that year.” Heather’s request was not denied, and she experienced her first taste of cold, sweet victory in 1999. “Our team won with ‘Feast of Plenty,’ and I was officially an ‘ice addict,’” she…



A Sikh guard stood with a spear, as devotees thronged to pay obeisance at the Golden Temple, Sikhism’s holiest shrine, on the occasion of the Martyrdom Day of the fifth Sikh Guru Arjan Dev Amritsar, India, in, Tuesday.(Altaf Qadri/Associated Press)

The Weirdest Building In Midtown


Last week, I was trudging through a very slushy midtown when I happened to turn onto 47th Street…


…and walk past what has to be one of the strangest buildings in Manhattan:


A six-story office building, the facade of 15 East 47th Street is completely obscured by a wall of brass-colored rings:


Here’s a close-up. You can just see the outline of the building’s windows on the other side:


The rings go all the way to the roof…


…and are actually set at a slightly downward angle, perhaps for better visibility from the street. By my count, there are over 6,000.


Adding to the mystery, this is the entire ground floor facade:


Just a door with a number and some circles…


…and a nondescript buzzer. There was no answer when I buzzed, and I’m pretty sure the building is completely vacant.


As it turns out, the building at 15 E 47th Street was once the home of Algeria’s Permanent Mission to the United States. The building was purchased by the Algerian government in 1975 and renovations commenced, at which point I assume the current facade was added. Once completed, the Algerian government remained here until the early 2000s.


But what’s the story with the ringed facade? ReaderArchitecture Dilettante writes: “It’s a modern take on an Arabic mashrabiya, the carved wood lattice over a street-side window that gives shade and privacy while allowing air to circulate. They’re mostly used in urban areas.”


I noticed the property next door was also abandoned. Very curious if they’ll both disappear in the coming years. If anyone has any further information, be sure to share!


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Detailed Stencil Street Art by Jana & JSby


Detailed Stencil Street Art by Jana & JS







Jana & JS are a street art duo currently based in Austria who specialize in detailed stencil work, frequently depicting people with cameras or couples sharing intimate moments. Shown here are a few pieces from recent stops in the German countryside and Brookyln, see much more on their websiteand on Facebook. (via Hi-Fructose, StreetArtNews)

A VERY COOL AD -The Joy Of Storage / IKEA The Wonderful Everyday / TV Advert Full

Published on Jan 8, 2015

The Joy Of Storage / IKEA The Wonderful Everyday / TV Advert Full

giphy (31)

Most people think that storage is dull but at IKEA we know the joy that good storage can bring you. A bookcase allows you to keep and re-visit all your favourite books. A stylish chest in the living room means that you won’t be surrounded by toys when you are trying to relax in the evening. And a well planned wardrobe will help you pick out clothes quickly in the morning, so you can have an extra 10 minutes in bed.

In this advert we focus on the joy that comes from giving the things you love a proper home. Our story follows a flock of much-loved T-Shirts as they go on an epic journey to find their home. After travelling across seas and mountains, they eventually come to rest in a beautiful IKEA PAX wardrobe.

T-Shirts Fly Through the Air Like a Flock of Birds in Imaginative British IKEA Ad The advert was shot by Dougal Wilson at Blink Productions.

Muralist Paints Majestic Eagle on a Berlin Building

A striking new mural by artistDALeast is now gracing the facade of Berlin’s Urban Nation building. The piece depicts earth-toned line art that forms the shape of a majestic eagle’s head against a black backdrop. Linescontouring the back of the eagle’s head begin to fade and dissolve into a flock of birds flying toward the edge of the frame. The most arresting feature of the painting is the eagle’s piercing gaze directed from cold, yellow eyes at the street below.The public-art masterpiece was installed as part of PM6, an art campaign sponsored by New York City’s Jonathan Levine Gallery. Other artists filled the building that DALeast decorated with their own individual indoor pieces.The muralist who uses the pseudonym DALeast was born in China and operates out of Cape Town, South Africa. He expressed interest in painting beginning at age two and dropped out of a fine arts program to join a Chinese graffiti troupe. Since then, he seems to have found his…


Sunrise Over NY Kennedy TowerSun rises over New York’s Kennedy Airport (You can barely see the tower in the full size image slightly to the right of the sun)This photo was shot from Rockaway Parkway Circle at Coney Island many years ago, I realize it has a lot of noise, nevertheless I still like it, this was my early days of Photography….To view a tighter shot from the same spot with much more zoom to see the tower, click here;…

  • Sunrise Over NY Kennedy TowerSun rises over New York’s Kennedy Airport (You can barely see the tower in the full size image slightly to the right of the sun)This photo was shot from Rockaway Parkway Circle at Coney Island many years ago, I realize it has a lot of noise, nevertheless I still like it, this was my early days of Photography…. 



Photographer Roman Golubenko captured these priceless shots of sea otters snuggling! Sea otters are a marine mammal native to the coasts of the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean. These shots, taken in Alaska, show otters keeping warm as they go for a dip in the freezing cold. In one photo, a baby otter sleeps on its mother as they float on a surface of the lake which is surrounded by ice. (See first photo, below.)

These pictures were submitted to National Geographic’s Your Shot, and one photo of the sea otters (above) was published in National Geographic magazine. As he states, excitedly, “Dreams come true in a holiday season. I am little bit too old to believe in miracles… but my small picture of the otters was really published in Dec 2014 issue of National Geographic US, page 32. Many, many thanks to all my dear friends around the world for fantastic…

18 of the most beautiful and inventive tables of the world


18 of the most beautiful and inventive tables of the world

DEC 29, 2014 10 Comments

A dining table, it’s something we use every day: for breakfast, lunch, dinner… Not to mention the cocktails! In this world filled with new sleek, very design, things had it that some inventors are tackling this “monument” that are dining tables!

1. the tables of transparent rivers

2. the dining table swing

3. branches and trunks of trees covered with glass and resin

4 table of The Moon

5. the bright table

6. the tables that combine wood and aluminium

7. the Amethyst table

8. the table made of a recycled aircraft engine

9. the effect table ‘picnic’

10. the miniature Lake table

11. Citrine Geode Table

12. the table overseas and abyssal

13. the table bubble

14. the table of petrified wood

15. the table in sheet form

16. the table inspired by melted chocolate

17. the invisible table

18. the tree trunk table

Dec 29, 2014admin



The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Saint Petersburg, Russia



We aren’t even quite sure if what we should call these rotund (okay, fat) realistic sculptures by Mu Boyan because they are only realistic in a sense. They are like fat cartoon characters come to life in fine art sculpture form. And they are naked. In fact, back in 2012, when we first learned of the work, we called them “naked fat men, sometimes very big and sometimes flying through the air.” And still they are…

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