Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Painted As The Renaissance Painters They Were Named After


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Painted As The Renaissance Painters They Were Named After

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Painted As The Renaissance Painters They Were Named After

New York-based New Zealand Artist Owen Dippie has painted a mural of four Renaissance Artists, Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello, as the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles who were named after them.

Chunky #Knits’ by Anna Mo Incorporate Enormous Stitches to Comfortably Engulf the Body


‘Chunky Knits’ by Anna Mo Incorporate Enormous Stitches to Comfortably Engulf the Body


Anna Mo‘s chunky knits are not shy about their pattern, the soft form of her objects forcing the wearer to observe the pieces in all of their magnified glory. To knit these mammoth material works the Ukraine-based Mo not only uses extremely thick sections of wool, but also XXL needles to produce her three-inch-thick stitches. In addition to her wearable works, Mo also sells the yarn that she uses to produce the pieces (100% Australian merino wool) as well as oversized knitting needles so you can produce your own chunky sweaters and blankets.

Mo learned to knit at an early age, continuing the hobby into adulthood as a side project in addition to her work as a designer. Mo uses the tactile nature of knitting to balance her hours in front of the computer, allowing her hands to get as much exercise as her brain. For more images of Mo’s snuggly knits visit her Instagram. (via Beautiful/Decay and ĪGNANT)









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Wonderfully Decorated #Baked Goods Crafted With a Wickedly Clever Sense of Humor


Wonderfully Decorated Baked Goods Crafted With a Wickedly Clever Sense of Humor

Alien Macaron

Mi Tulip of Lou Lou P’s Delights in Leeds, West Yorkshire UK crafts wonderful baked goods and sweet edibles that reflect a wickedly clever sense of humor and a general sense of fun. Such examples include an alien bloodily emerging from a macaron, a sumptuous catloaf made from bread, a naked mole rate made from sugar, organs made from macarons and a naked Burt Reynolds lying atop an eclair.

Explore all that is beautiful in cake. Full of gorgeosity, quirkiness and charm my cake designs will enchant you and their taste excite you.

Sugar Naked Mole Rate
Sugar Naked Mole Rat

Burt Reynolds Eclair



Anatomical Macarons
Anatomical Macarons


Mini Marzipan Moss Piglet
Mini Marzipan Moss Piglet

images via Lou Lou P’s Delights

via Geyser of Awesome

Dreamy #Portraits Fuse Human Faces with Nature and Architecture


Dreamy Portraits Fuse Human Faces with Nature and Architecture

Spanish artist Antonio Mora‘s double exposure portraits merge human faces with ethereal landscapes and distinct architectural forms. His visually intriguing combinations demonstrate the many curves, angles, and lines that can be found

Stunning #Diptych #Tattoos Form Landscapes Across the Backs of Legs


Stunning Diptych #tattoos Form Landscapes Across the Backs of Legs

Tattoo artist Houston Patton crafts intricate landscape scenes that span the back of his client’s legs. Working under the name Thieves of Tower, he collaborates with artist Dagny Fox who oversees his creative direction and helps make these unique projects happen. Their artistic style references Medieval woodcuts and…

Layered #Resin #Dioramas of Forest-Dwelling Characters Embedded with Flora and Fauna by Drew Mosley


Layered resin Dioramas of Forest-Dwelling Characters Embedded with Flora and Fauna by Drew Mosley  

Egg thief #3 (acrylic, resin, found bowl, quail eggs, sticks and branches, 12″ diameter)

Ottawa artist and carpenter Drew Mosley paints forest-dwelling characters encased in wooden bowls filled with layers of resin. Each scene is further embellished with found bits of flora and fauna: twigs, leaves, eggs, and more, creating artworks that walk a fine line between storybook illustration and sculptural dioramas. Mosley has an extensive studio practice and also pursues a wide range of building and woodworking projects around Ottawa Valley. His paintings have been exhibited throughout Canada and Greece and he currently has a show at the Ottawa Art Gallery through July 27, 2015. You can follow him on Instagram and Flickr. (via Colossal Submissions)







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New Reflected ##Landscapes and #Photo Manipulations by Victoria Siemerby Christopher Jobson on June 25


New Reflected Landscapes and Photo Manipulations by Victoria Siemer


Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer (previously) explores the idea of fractured landscapes through photo manipulations and collages. Siemer makes use of reflected geometric shapes suspended over gloomy natural landscapes shrouded in fog and clouds resulting in portal-like mirrors. She says much of her work is guided by the idea of emotional fragmentation and “fragmentation of the self,” a topic she explored in-depth while studying design at SUNY Buffalo. You can keep up with her work on Instagram and some of her pieces are available as prints.









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German City of #Karlsruhe Issued a Parking Ticket to a Warped Car #Sculpture


The German City of Karlsruhe Issued a Parking Ticket to a Warped Car Sculpture by Erwin Wurm


picture alliance / dpa

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has become famous in part for his humorous sculptural treatments of iconic vehicles that are stretched, inflated, and twisted into seemingly impossible shapes. One such sculpture of a bent red Mercedes-Benz food truck installed on a street in Karlsruhe, Germany, just met the fate of an overzealous officer who slapped the car with a parking ticket without knowledge of the vehicle’s artistic merit. I hope this was a joke, I can only imagine Wurm’s fine for driving this through the city. (via Metro, Sham Jaff, Stellar)

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Foggy Forests of Ancient #Trees Pruned for Charcoal in Basque Country Photographed by Oskar Zapirainby


Foggy Forests of Ancient Trees Pruned for Charcoal in Basque Country Photographed by Oskar Zapirain



Oskar Zapirain‘s photographs capture eerie forests cast in thick fog, hazy light descending upon the foliage in the same green shade that blankets the floor in moss. Zapirain has been attracted to this landscape for years because of the homogenous light as well as the way it forces the viewer directly into a mystical atmosphere.

The forest Zapirain features is a beech forest in Oiartzun, Basque Country in Northern Spain. This particular forest is unique due to the history charcoal production within the region. Instead of clearcutting like we do today, the trees were instead pruned to preserve the trees and maintain the integrity of the forest across generations. The trees have since regrown with short trunks and dramatically long limbs that shoot outward like arms from almost every angle, adding a ghostly feel to each of Zapirain’s photos. You can explore more of his work on Flickr.










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Translucent Ants Photographed Eating Colored Liquids


Translucent Ants Photographed Eating Colored Liquids


Scientist Mohamed Babu from Mysore, India captured beautiful photos of these translucent ants eating a specially colored liquid sugar.

The Wave #Cabinet Opens Like a Paper Fan


The Wave Cabinet Opens Like a Paper Fan


As part of a long series of functional sculptures by New York artist Sebastian ErraZuriz, the Wave Cabinet merges the form of a credenza with an elaborate system of 100 wooden slats that allows the piece to open in rolling, wave-like patterns. Like many of his other novel designs, ErraZuriz says his intention is to elicit curiosity and cause viewers to do a double-take when looking at a recognizable object that suddenly behaves in new ways. “I am inviting people to look at one of the simplest forms of furniture design and to forget that we’re talking about furniture, instead to see it as a way of breaking a box.” Watch the video below to see it in action, and also see his equally fun Explosion Cabinet. (via The Kid Should See This, Prosthetic Knowledge)







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Repurposed Wood Doors and Furniture Transformed into #Geometric Faces on the Streets of Belgium


Repurposed Wood Doors and Furniture Transformed into Geometric Faces on the Streets of Belgium


Over the last year, Belgian painter and sculpturor Stefaan De Croock aka Strook (previously) began working with repurposed wood panels, doors, and furniture to construct giant faces on the side of buildings. The recycled wood surfaces are cut into precise geometric shapes and pieced together like a tangram puzzle, leaving the original paint and textures untouched. His most recent piece, Elsewhere, was a collaboration with his 69-year-old dad for Mechelen Muurt. You can see more of Strook’s paintings, sculptures, and other artworks on his website. (via Colossal Submissions)

Artist Continues to Reimagine Celebrities Covered in #Tattoos


Artist Continues to Reimagine Celebrities Covered in Tattoos

In his ongoing project called Shopped Tattoos, artist Cheyenne Randall reimagines celebrities and other public figures as if they’re covered from head-to-toe in ink. We first shared his handiwork last year, and since that time, he’s been busy adding more tattoos onto pop culture icons. Movie stars, musicians, and even public figures all sport his digital adornments, and Randall has a knack for making the photo manipulations look incredibly realistic.

The artist has thoughtfully added tattoos that are specific to his subject—Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer, has the competitive phrase “bragging rights” on his hand, and musician Johnny Cash’s knuckles spell out “June” (which refers to his beloved wife, June Carter Cash).

Though it’s hard to imagine many of Randall’s subjects as people who would ever get tattoos (e.g. Prince William and Princess Kate), there are those like Edward Norton and Brad Pitt whose public personas, coupled with Randall’s Photoshop skills, make it seem like a very likely possibility. (We could realistically see them with full sleeves!) It’s this amusing yet thought-provoking visualization that makes Shopped Tattoos a fantastic series to follow.

Cheyenne Randall: Website | Instagram | Tumblr

Meticulously Detailed Drawings Made with Graphite and Chalk


Meticulously Detailed Drawings Made with Graphite and Chalk

Paul Cadden is a Scottish-born hyperrealist artist who creates painfully realistic artworks using only graphite and chalk.

I’ve posted some pretty realistic drawings in the past, like Rajacenna’s detailed celebrity portraits, Juan Francisco Casas’ photo-like ballpoint pen drawings, or Paul Lung’s pencil artworks, but the pieces you’re about to see are on a whole other level. Using simple materials like graphite and white chalk, Paul Cadden is able to replicate complex photos down to the tiniest details. Whether it’s the countless wrinkles on an old man’s face, the smoke from a lit cigarette or the water dripping from someone’s face, he makes it look unbelievably realistic. If you are unable to see the pictures below please click on title of post.

thanks ana.

“Although the drawings and paintings I make are based upon a series of photographs, video stills etc, the art created from the photo is used to create a softer and much more complex focus on the subject depicted, presenting it as a living tangible object. These objects and scenes in my drawings create the illusion of a new reality not seen in the original photo,” Cadden says about his incredible art.

via Deviant Art

This Guy Arranged Wooden Discs On His Old, Dirty Floor. When He Finished? Amazing!


This Guy Arranged Wooden Discs On His Old, Dirty Floor. When He Finished? Amazing!

June 12, 2015

0 9922

These days, home remodels are usually super fancy and sleek. You’ll see stainless steel, granite, and brand new everything. But this is one DIY idea that has me in love. I want this in my house!

This fella took some logs, cut them into discs, and laid them down on his floor. Talk about an Earthy makeover for your home! Check out what he did, it’s awesome:









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London From Above at Night

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