A Knight’s Daily Struggle To Fit Into Modern Society


A Knight’s Daily Struggle To Fit Into Modern Society

A Knight’s Daily Struggle To Fit Into Modern Society

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what if we were to add narratives to a series of images showing the adventures of a modern day knight? Dutch photographer Martijn van Oers and narrator Andress Kools feel photography has become…

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Imagine Drink A Cold Beer In These Cool Freezing Bars


Imagine Drink A Cold Beer In These Cool Freezing Bars

Denisse C.S Oct 26, 2015 Travel

Fountain Outside The Cincinnati Public Library


Fountain Outside The Cincinnati Public Library

Fountain Outside The Cincinnati Public Library

This fountain, affectionately known as the “book fountain,” stands outside of the Cincinnati Main Library. According to the library, “the sculpture features water cascading over a stack of ceramic tile books, representing the free flow of information and ideas through the…

Steampunk-Themed Bar Hypnotizes Guests with Moving Kinetic Sculptures


The Enigma Cafe and Bar in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is the perfect caffeination destination for fans of steampunk. Its unconventional decor includes a variety of visually interesting features such as metal gears, machine parts, and a mysteriously mechanical cyclist dressed in a gas mask. Although these elements are compelling, by far the most striking aspect is how the inside comes alive through kinetic energy. Parts of the restaurant are moving at all times, providing a hypnotizing, theatre-like experience for its guests.

The impressive design, created by Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak of The 6th Sense Interiors, was inspired by the idea of time travel. The designers fully realized the place as a tribute to time and motion. “At the center of it…

Hauntingly Realistic Embroidered Portraits Explore the Complexity of Human Identity


Hauntingly Realistic Embroidered Portraits Explore the Complexity of Human Identity

Cayce Zavaglia’s portraits capture her subject’s natural beauty through textured layers of hand stitched embroidery, emulating the brushwork of classical oil paintings. Trained as a painter, Zavaglia made the switch to embroidery as her primary medium over 14 years ago. Her latest work finds her returning to her roots, combining paint and embroidery to explore the hidden and abstract. She represents this visual duality by placing paintings depicting the haphazard, reverse side of her embroidered creations beside each hand-embroidered portrait.

Zavaglia’s artistic training is apparent in her intricate crosshatching, her blend of colors and tones creating a depth and richness to each piece. Using friends and family as subject matter, each image commutes an organic beauty through the natural expressions of those…click title for more

Gorgeous Black Rhino Recreated with Intricate Fabric Collage


By Sara Barnes July 10, 2014

Using fabric as her paint palette, Kenyan-based artist Sophie Standing produces gorgeous portraits of animals on her sewing machine. The one-of-a-kind pieces are constructed by first sketching the image onto a canvas and then appliqueing an intricate collage of fabric on top. Standing then stitches linear details over her work using a variety of colored threads. This creates a painterly look to the piece that’s a combination of meticulous technique and gestural, emotive marks.Here, we see that Standing has used an extensive collection of fabrics to cover the hide of a large rhino. Some are bold floral patterns while others are geometric, and they seamlessly blend together and flow throughout the animal’s body. Dark-colored thread defines its wrinkles and shadows to give definition to the form.

You can see some of the process of Standing’s work below. While she specializes in animal imagery, she’s also available for special commissions.

Sophie Standing website
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Photo Essay: Las Vegas Street Art


Photo Essay: Las Vegas Street Art

by Rachel Staggs
( November 21st, 2014 )

las vegas street art

Las Vegas never really held an appeal for me because I have no desire to gamble. I had no idea the city is full of art and artists! I spent three nights there and didn’t gamble until the midnight hour, just 12 hours before departure.

las vegas street art

I lost 90% of what I gambled.

las vegas street art

I sat down in front of a “Mayan” machine and put in $1. I got 10 cents back. It spun some wheels. I really have no idea what happened. Which is why I don’t gamble.

las vegas street art

I had fun watching some of my travel companions gamble seriously. Blackjack was a popular game and probably the only one I would ever consider. I’ve forgotten how to play poker.

las vegas street art

Now that I’ve been, I can see how it would be fun to prepare mentally for weeks and give yourself a budget for gambling. I used to really enjoy playing cards. I guess with access to computers all the time and the growing demand to get more work accomplished, I have let the art of playing cards go.

las vegas street art

As I’m writing this, I remember having a Mahjong group and we’d play at least once and month. I think that was more than 10 years ago. I digress…

las vegas street art

I fell in love with the Las Vegas art scene. From street art to high dollar installations.

I visited the 18b Arts District in downtown Las Vegas, which is helping to revitalize the neighborhood.

The James Turrell’s light installation at Louis Vuitton was otherworldly. Call the store to make an appointment to see it. Perfect for a hot afternoon.

las vegas street art

I stopped to take both digital and film photos of street art in the area. I was overwhelmed in the best way because there seemed to be an endless amount. Every piece held a colorful story. I could have spent hours documenting it.

las vegas street art

las vegas street art

las vegas street art

las vegas street art

las vegas street art

When you find yourself in Las Vegas, don’t forget, there’s art everywhere!

Have you been to Las Vegas? Did you explore the art world? Do you have a favorite installation?

Also, if you know where I can play Mahjong in Vegas, let me know!

– See more at: http://wanderlustandlipstick.com/blogs/wanderingartist/2014/11/21/las-vegas-street-art/#sthash.qe1Wimj6.dpuf


New 3D Figurative Collages Encased in Multiple Layers of Glass by Dustin Yellin


New 3D Figurative Collages Encased in Multiple Layers of Glass by Dustin Yellin

on 21 October, 2015 at 11:13
The Brooklyn-based artist Dustin Yellin creates large-scale sculpture is individually embellished with bizarre found objects—cut-up books, magazines and trash found on the street—which are then sealed within layers of glass. The artist refers to the sculptures as Psychogeographies because “they feel like maps of the psyche.”“Imagine if you were to make a drawing on a window,” said Yellin, explaining his process. “And then you were to take another window and glue it to that window… until you had a window sandwich. I make window sandwiches.”

The resulting forms resemble dancers striking various poses: their multi-dimensional bodies encapsulated in suspended animation. A grand total of 15 of these “window sandwiches,” each weighing in at 3,000 pounds each,were installed in the atrium of the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center.

To learn more about Dustin Yellin’s work, be sure to visit his website 

2015_nyc-ballet-lincoln-center_062015_nyc-ballet-lincoln-center_038000012Psychogeography-62-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dustin-YellinPsychogeography-61-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dustin-YellinPsychogeography-58-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dustin-YellinPsychogeography-55-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dustin-YellinPsychogeography-54-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dustin-Yellin  8000032

Steampunk Metal Sculptures Made From Recycled Materials


Steampunk Metal Sculptures Made From Recycled Materials

John S. Cow Oct 25, 2015 Misc
Steampunk Metal Sculptures Made From Recycled Materials - Article PictureRecycled, upcycled and repurposed objects are combined with natural elements into unique, Earth-friendly and artistic items sensitive to the limits of our natural resources.All Natural Arts was started by Susan Beatrice, from New Jersey, as a venue for selling her creations. Combining talent and imagination with a love of nature, the designs are created with the environment in mind. Visit AllNaturalArts website for more.

































A Drought in Mexico Uncovers a 400-Year-Old Colonial Church in the Middle of a Reservoir


A Drought in Mexico Uncovers a 400-Year-Old Colonial Church in the Middle of a Reservoir

on 23 October, 2015 at 17:01
The remains  of a 400-year-old (built in mid-16th century) Colonial church built by Spanish colonizers have been discovered at the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir in southern Mexico as water levels in the Grijalba River, in the state of Chiapas, dropped by almost 82 ft (25 meters) due to a lack of rain.

The building, which is known as the Temple of Santiago as well as the Temple of Quechula, is roofless, over 60 meters in length, and has walls as high as 10 meters.

The church was originally submerged after a dam was built, which flooded the surrounding area and formed the reservoir. However, during times of extreme drought, the former place of worship has become visible, with fishermen even taking interested passengers on their boats to getting a closer glimpse of the ancient relics.

The church first became briefly visible in 1966, while in 2002, the water level was so low that locals could even walk inside the church.

“The people celebrated. They came to eat, to hang out, to do business. I sold them fried fish. They did processions around the church,” local fisherman Leonel Mendoza told AP.

The church is connected with the famous colonial-era figure of Friar Bartolome de las Casas, who came to Mexico in the 16th century, along with a group of monks who built the church.

(Photographs credit and copyright: David von Blohn)

AP / David von Blohn
AP / David von Blohn

AP / David von Blohn
AP / David von Blohn

AP / David von Blohn

Surreal Scenes Created Without Photoshop by Jee Young Lee


Surreal Scenes Created Without Photoshop by Jee Young Lee

jee young lee

Jee Young Lee created these surreal photos without using photoshop photo manipulation techniques. Instead she spends weeks and months to paint and decorate her small studio into a dreamworld. It is very interesting to see people choosing the traditional way of doing things and bring incredible results! n&joy!

jee young lee

jee young lee

jee young lee

jee young lee

jee young lee

jee young lee

jee young lee

jee young lee

jee young lee

jee young lee

Check her full work on OPIOM Gallery

Light Appears to Drip from Trees in these Long-Exposure Photos by Vitor Schietti


Light Appears to Drip from Trees in these Long-Exposure Photos by Vitor Schietti 


For his series of experimental #photography titled Impermanent Sculptures, photographer #Vitor Schietti worked with fireworks and long-exposure photography to illuminate the branches and stems of trees in his native Brazil. The photos are a mixture of in-camera light painting, and a bit of post-processing that can combine up to 12 shots into a final image. He shares with us about the project:

The series is the result of several years of research on long exposure photography, and the usage of ND filters was vital to find a perfect balance between the fading twilight and the brightness of the fireworks. Only a few attempts were allowed per day, since the time frame during which this balance is possible is very narrow (30 to 50 minutes). The Brazilian central plateau, in a kind of savanna called “Cerrado” was the scenery for most of these experimentations. The margins of the lake Paranoa, the streets and some iconic monuments from Brasilia were also locations for some of the light paintings. It’s important to say the series is an ongoing process, and more will follow in the coming year or so.

You can see much more of Schietti’s photography on Flickr. (via This Isn’t Happiness)





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A Futuristic Villa By J. Mayer H. Architects


A Futuristic Villa By J. Mayer H. Architects

Designed by Germany-based J. Mayer H. Architects, ‘Dupli Casa’ is a modern villa near Ludwigsburg that features sleek sculptural and futuristic elements. The geometry of the structure is based on the blueprint of the house formerly located on the site, originally built in 1984. According to the architects, the villa was designed to blend the inner and outer views of the surrounding landscape offered by the building.


All images © David Franck

3-Piece Rings That Need to Be Worn at Once to Become Playful Animals


 3-Piece Rings That Need to Be Worn at Once to Become Playful Animals

Bangkok artist MerryMe has designed a set of rings that will fit perfectly on the fingers of any animal lover. Each ring set comes with three separate pieces that fit together to form an adorable creature. One features a squirrel who’s chasing a tiny acorn, while others display a variety of animals—a detailed seagull, a white French Bulldog with a golden button nose, a striped zebra, and more—who are each seemingly grasping onto the finger of the wearer.

“I used to work as a fashion buyer for Scandinavian fashion company,” the creative admits. “Finally, I found merryme to create modern jewelries and accessories with different combination of materials. However, with M E R R Y, we…


Ana Christy shared a video with you on Vimeo:

upside down


by Timothy Reckart / 2 years ago

http://www.headoverheels.tv “Of the animated shorts, [Head Over Heels is] the cleverest.” -Stephen Holden, The New York Times “The attention to detail is staggering, particularly for a stop-motion animated movie… There may be an impressive crop of animated shorts this year, but Head Over Heels is the most fully realized of the whole bunch. Flawless.” -William Bibbiani, CraveOnline.com “This beautifully animated film is also a wonderfully unique story… Both whimsical and deeply felt… Simply extraordinary.” -Richard Propes, theindependentcritic.com “The true charmer of the screening… The understated nature of the central couple’s struggle calls for repeat viewing.” -Ben Mitchell, skwigly.co.uk

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Giant Cow Sculptures Created Using Automobile Parts


Giant Cow Sculptures Created Using Automobile Parts

Finnish sculptor and Marimekko textile company designer, Miina Äkkijyrkkä (aka Liina Lång) created this wonderful series of giant cow sculptures made from recycled automobile parts starting in 2000. Known throughout Finland for being a protector of the native Eastern Finncattle dairy breed, Äkkijyrkkä was inspired by her own cows to create these towering metal bovines.

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Phenomenal Shots of Norway’s Fjords from the Stunning Perspective of a Kayaker

Adventure photographer Tomasz Furmanek documents some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world, all from the seat of his kayak. From the spectacular Lofoten Islands to the serene Sotra, for the past three years the 41-year-old photographer has been capturing images of the remarkable fjords and waterways running throughout…

Tomasz Furmanek: Website500pxInstagram
via [Faith is Torment]

New and Otherworldly Forms of Sandcastles by Matthew Kaliner

Harvard University lecturer Matthew Kaliner creates otherworldly beach sculptures that are unlike any other sandcastles we’ve seen. Rather than stacking up architectural structures or realistic figures, the artist designs surreal, curving compositions of sand that are suspended in midair. “I am motivated entirely by the sheer joy of playing on the beach, and making something out of what I can find that day,” Kaliner told The Atlantic. The sculptor is particularly drawn to building pieces that have a gothic feel to them. They eccentrically protrude from the beach’s flat surface to form intriguing spikes and…