Extreme Body Painting Takes Halloween Costumes to a New Level


Extreme Body Painting Takes Halloween Costumes to a New


Posted: 10/10/2014 2:42 pm EDT Updated: 10/10/2014 2:59 pm EDT

I veered into the former mall parking lot, where Longmont’s mega Halloween pop-up shop usually looms every October. But this year I found a flat stretch of earth, the genesis of much-needed redevelopment.

No racks of pre-packaged slutty bumble bees. No Legs Avenue to anywhere. Just a different kind of dirt: a mall graveyard.

But that was cool, because I was headed elsewhere, anyway. I rolled up to Hobby Lobby with a shopping list: cellophane packaging, a box of jewels, floral wire, two silver Christmas garlands and the longest silver spikes I could find.

It’s Halloween again, and I was about to deflower the innocent craft store in the name of my ridiculous costume. As usual.

I’ve long been anti-pre-pack. Not because I’m So Awesome or crafty. But because premade costumes are a rip-off and look terrible. They’re always too baggy where they should be tight and made out of the fabric equivalent of turkey giblets; you know, the junky pieces that you’re supposed to just throw away.

That’s not to say you can’t find amazing off-the-rack costume pieces in stores such as Theatrical Costumes Etc., The Ritz, Goldmine Vintage and Candy’s. These stores are some of the most beautiful destinations in Boulder County (Flatirons Schmatirons), and I shop them all year-round, unapologetically.

But if your costume is on the seasonal shelf next to the skeleton-print napkins, and also made out of the same material as the napkins, perhaps you could better invest that $79.95.

As in, invest it in a local artist and then win it back tenfold in All Of The Costume Contests.

I guess, technically, Sarah Swingle (also known as Sarah Elizabeth) is a body painter. But only if you forget everything you think you know about body painting.

“When I describe it, I always preface it with ‘fine art’ and ‘transformational,'” says Swingle, 31. “Body paint gets a bad rap, because people are used to just swirls on breasts. But it can be absolutely anything.”


Once, someone challenged her to make a butterfly “metal.” She used bailing wire and latex to craft a hardcore butterfly emerging from a woman’s chest that would make nu metal band Slipknot tinkle a little bit.

Swingle should call it extreme body painting.

At a recent zombie fashion show, Swingle ditched the overdone walking-dead thing and made her zombies green-skinned with colorful hair, sparkles and pink blood.

“I’m not a normal body painter. I do everything different,” says Swingle, who is based in Boulder but has lived in Lefthand Canyon, Ward, Boulder and, now, Greeley.

Swingle has a degree in visual arts and began her art career in print product development. She currently teaches art (graphic design software and color theory) at Aims Community College in Loveland, in addition to painting skin; she’s booked nearly solid throughout this month.


Her fans — and she has more than 550 of them on Facebook — like to challenge her creativity. Once, she says, she made the mistake of asking her Facebook crowd what she should paint next. The discussion went wild until everyone settled on her painting The Most Interesting Man In The World holding a pomegranate while riding a unicorn with an ice cream sandwich and tacos in the background.

She painted it.

A full-body silver robot. An octopus. A steampunk-style, painted-on corset. Swingle says if you can dream it, she can do it.

“The way I do all of my work is it follows the lines and curves of the physique, so you get abs if you want abs. … I accentuate the attractive parts of the body,” Swingle says.

Plus, unlike the Maleficent costume in a bag, no one’s going to show up wearing the same thing as you.

“Paint is a piece of art,” Swingle says. ”It’ll never be replicated.”

As for my jewels and cellophane? My spider costume won’t be replicable, either, although it might fall far from a piece of art. And if it does, I know whose door I’m trick-or-treating at this Halloween. Instead of a pumpkin bucket, I’ll be toting a paintbrush and a plea for help.

Photos by gmark Lewis.

This article originally appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera. Read more articles from the weirdest city in America, Boulder, Colorado, here: Only In Boulder.

Kinetic Bridge in London Opens and Closes Like a Traditional Hand Fan

British firm
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Knight Architects and structural engineers AKT II recently completed the Merchant Square Footbridge, a bridge in Paddington, London that opens and closes like a traditional, Japanese hand fan. Consisting of fivesteel steel beams that rise and fall using hydraulic jacks, the structure is both a kinetic sculpture and a fully functioning footbridge that allows pedestrians to safely walk 20 meters across the Grand Union Canal.The 3-meter-wide,cantilevering deck rises every Friday to let boats sail underneath. The five beams, which are hinged on one side, open in sequence while shaped counterweights assist the hydraulic mechanism, thereby reducing the energy needed to move the structure. Handrails on the bridge feature built-in strips of LED lighting to illuminate the bridge at night.European Land CEO Richard Banks, who is…

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My Whatever Story: My Black and White Still Life

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I do in love with Still Life photography and i do love black and white photography. Then here the photos i made to share with.

Colorful Glass House Sculpture Dazzles in New York

Check out those rainbow reflections! For this year’s DUMBO Arts Festival, artist Tom Fruin and performance duo CoreAct presented a collaborative project called Reflection / Kolonihavehus in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Fruin’s colorful plexiglass house, called Kolonihavehus, was on display. In previous years, the outdoor sculpture had been shown throughout Europe, such as in Sweden, Denmark, Austria and the Czech Republic.New York had already seen one of Fruin’s pieces, the monumental sculpture, Watertower. In the series, called Icon, Fruin uses plexiglass and steel that’s been reclaimed and recycled to construct some truly dazzling works.

Above photo credit: Axel Taferner

Photo credit:…





He’s shot Britney Spears as a hot dog vendor and Pamela Anderson emerging naked from an egg, but now celebrity photgrapher David LaChapelle has turned his attention to our petroleum-reliant, disposable culture. For his series ‘Land Scape’ he used egg cartons, tea canisters and hair curlers to recreate models of refineries. paulkasmingallery.com



Garry Winogrand retrospective in Paris

Winogrand, who photographed “to see what the world looks like in photographs,” is famous for his photographs of New York and American life from the 1950s through the early 1980s. Organised jointly by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., the exhibition “Garry Winogrand” brings together the artist’s most iconic images with newly printed photographs from his largely unexamined archive of late work. The show offers a rigorous overview of the photographer’s complete working life and reveals, for the first time, the full sweep of his career.

Above: New York, 1960

Picture: © The Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Helga Christoph-Artist



I am a figurative artist, working in traditional oil and acrylic on canvas and panel, from my small cottage studio in Redwood City, California. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes vulnerable or mysterious. Every painting has a story. One that touches on the real, yet surreal; a dream riddled with reality. When my brush hits the canvas time […]

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Katinka Hartmetz

I am a fourth generation artist. My grandmother gave me my first art lessons at age five. And like my grandmother I attended the California College of Arts and Crafts. Later I discovered I like to repurpose found objects. Luckily my brother had taught me to use power tools. So now you can often find […]

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Photographer’s Note

This shy young girl was all dressed up for a local festival. She did not know which way to look to avoid the camera.Taken at noon but under shade of a tree.

China’s Prison-Themed Restaurant Gives Customers Their Own Cell To Eat In


China’s Prison-Themed Restaurant Gives Customers Their Own Cell To Eat In

817People Sharing
Having a themed restaurant is nothing out of the ordinary, but this eatery in China called Prison of Fire has taken things to a whole other level.

Located in Tianjin City, a restaurant opened earlier this month with an unusual

“prison” theme that includes private cells for guests to dine in.

Meals are even served through a small hatch.

Diners are given a confined experience, though of course the food is of higher quality and their “sentence” lasts only as long as they want it to.

Customers are also welcome to explore the unique setting adorned with bars and chains while they eat.

There’s even a cage for musicians and other perform to entertain guests.

All photos by Wang Zhao/AFP Photo
H/t: Design You Trust




MarkthalRotterdam1The Markthal Rotterdam, a covered food market and housing development in the Netherlands, has officially opened after five years of construction. It was designed by Dutch architects MVRDV, and the nearly 312,000 square-foot space looks like it was well worth the wait.

The most striking feature of this arched structure is its colorful mural titled Cornucopia by artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. It wraps around the interior ceiling and occupies over 36,000 square feet of space. Broken up into squares, each part of the image was printed onto perforated aluminium panels that were then attached to acoustic panels for noise control. Its subject matter depicts fresh market produce, as well as flowers and insects that…

“ART IN THE EATS” – Pop Culture Food Art by Tisha Cherry


“ART IN THE EATS” – Pop Culture Food Art by Tisha Cherry

JUN 12, 2014


Instagram is known for foodies documenting their favourite dishes, but Tisha Cherry raises the bar for artistic food pictures with her project #ArtintheEats. She uses liquids like coffee and soy sauce to create ink paintings, sculpts the cream in Oreo cookies to create bas-relief, and uses M&Ms as mosaic tiles. These images show a wide variety of pop culture icons.






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Ferreirós do Dão Village, Portugal

Picture of the Day: Ferreirós do Dão Village, Portugal

Photograph by LUIS BORGES ALVES Facebook | 500px | Flickr | Blog In this beautiful capture by Luis Borges Alves we see a bridge located in the small village Ferreirós do Dão in Tondela, Portugal. I’ve always had a soft spot for bridges with archways, where the reflection in the water beneath makes a…

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Modern Pin-Up Beauties Flaunt Dresses Made Out of Milk

London-based artist Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz blends modern interpretations of the classic pin-up girl with high-speed liquid photography. Founder of AurumLight Studio, Wieczorkiewicz produced this playful concept, entitled Milky Pin-Ups, in which gorgeous models flaunt chic liquid dresses made out of milk. The artist explains that the project was, “Made with milk, frozen in time, and morphed into high fashion.”To create each outfit, the artist and his team splashed the white liquid onto the models and took hundreds of photographs. Caught at high-speeds, every drop can be seen in crisp detail. A number of splashes were then digitally merged together into a stylish outfit that beautifully splatters across each model’s silky smooth skin. The team used original pin-up paintings by Gil Elvgren and others as reference, reproducing the sexy scenes with vibrant colors and modern flair.

Aurum Light’s website
via [Laughing Squid]


Best of Wires3


In this handout provided by Maritime New Zealand, fuel pumping between the stranded cargo vessel Rena and oil tanker Awanuia continues on October 20, 2011 in Tauranga, New Zealand. Salvage crews continue to pump oil off the ship in an effort to remove as much as possible before bad weather predicted for the evening threatens to break the vessel and release more oil into the sea. Over 300 tonnes of oil has leaked from Rena since it hit the reef on October 5. (Photo by Maritime New Zealand via Getty Images) #